[anakpanti Fanfic] [2 Shots] WMatsui – Survive (Part 1)



= Rena =

“Mom, I have an extra lesson for piano after my class this afternoon.”


“I’ve said it to you last week, mom… I’ll participate in Piano Competition next month.” She rolled her eyes.

“Ah.” The woman laughed. “I’m sorry, honey. I forgot about it. Just call me if you’re done, I’ll pick you up.” She stopped the car in front of the university main gate. “We’re arrived.” After she turned off the car engine, she kissed her daughter who sat next to her. “Have a nice day. I love you. See you later.”

“I love you too, mom.” She stepped out from the car.

The middle-aged woman turned her head to the back seat direction. “Ta-”

“Take care of your sister and help her if she needs something.” A girl cut off the woman words and said it in a cold way. “I know, mom. You’ve said…

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